Saturday, November 3, 2012

A surprise from Japan

Since last month, Aya is hosting a nice monthly contest, and I won !!! Today I got an envelope from her, with my lovely prize: some photography themed stationary (I LOVE photography), some nice paper clips, a bag of tea (I'll try it this weekend) and a bunch of postcards (7 of them). Also, with nice stamps !!!

In this post, I'll show you the envelope and some presents, but the stamps and the postcards will be featured in upcoming posts, enjoy !!!

A lovely envelope from Aya

Photography themed sticky notes

Photography themed card/picture frame
Mango and orange tea

Nice shaped paper clips


  1. Wow, all of this is lovely! I also liked the postcards and the stamps you showed in the other posts :)
    The sticky notes look so amazing!

    1. Everything is amazing, I love it !!! It was a great surprise to get this envelope on a Saturday :)

  2. What a lovely package ! and that stiky notes are lovely !! congrats to you...and I am waiting my own letter from Aya these days !! happy! :)
    nice blog ! Andrea from Argentina

    1. It was great, everything is nice :) Thanks a lot for visiting my blog, and I hope you get Aya's letter soon :)