Sunday, November 25, 2012

4 things #5

This finishing week I ate salad and fruits about 4 times each, so I did it. But I wasn't able to go out to practice street photography, and I think I'll be able to do it when I go on vacation (that's in a month). Talking about my new photographic project, I didn't take any pictures, but I've been developing some funny ideas (let me say that there are 2 characters: a dinosaur and a Stormtrooper).

This week I plan to:

1.- Start reading a new book.
2.- Buy some Christmas gifts for my girlfriend and my family (that will be next Sunday).
3.- Find a nice sticker for my car.
4.- Get more ideas for my photography project.


  1. For your photo project I might have an idea :) A few years ago I found some list with titles for art projects (I choose to draw .. I used to in the past) and I guess it can help you too to find some new ideas :) If you want I can send you a few lists :)

    Beside this, will you post your photos on the blog?

    1. That's good, please send me the lists :) Although my ideas are on their way: I have a small dinosaur and a stormtrooper, and I plan to take pictures of them on the "real" world :) I think I'll post them on Flickr, but I'll blog about it with a link to my gallery :)

  2. I'm so looking forward to seeling your pictures by the project! A small dinosaur and a stormtrooper traveling your everyday life? Cool!

    1. Yeah, I'll post them on Flickr (I'll create a set for them), and I'll post the link to the album here :)