Sunday, December 23, 2012

4 things #9

Well, Christmas is almost here !!! I'm on vacation from my job, and these days the only things I'm doing is watching TV and taking some pictures. Talking about pictures, I finally began taking pictures for my project (I took the first one yesterday), the link to the set is here. This finishing week I did everything I planned to do, so that's nice.

This upcoming two weeks (yeah, 2 weeks, because I'm going on vacation and I won't be able to post next Sunday) I plan to:

1.- Eat LOTS of delicious food in the place I'll be visiting.
2.- Take LOTS of pictures of that new place.
3.- Spend good time with my family.
4.- Buy some nice handmade things in the town I'll be visiting.

Wait for the pictures !!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

4 things #8

This was a good week: I'm almost on vacation at my job (I'll work until Wednesday, and then start again on January 7th), and I bought some Christmas gifts for my dad and my sister (I still need to find something nice for my mother, I need to do it this coming week, before Christmas).

So this week I plan to:

1.- Put my girlfriend's gifts in a nice package.
2.- Buy a gift (or gifts) for my mother.
3.- Eat more Christmas food.
4.- Buy a couple of bottles of wine.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

4 things #7

Well, although this wasn't a good week, I managed to do almost everything that I planned to do: I bought the ingredients for the "hallacas" (we prepared them today), I helped my girlfriend to choose a new camera (it's a Sony P&S) and I bought some postcards. I was looking for my birthday gift, but the online store that usually sells that kind of stuff will get it next week, so I have to wait.

This week I plan to:

1.- Take some Christmas pictures.
2.- Buy a gift for my sister.
3.- Buy a gift for my dad.
4.- Buy a gift for my mom.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Here I am

I know I've not been around here these days, but a few things are happening right now: I haven't get any mail  in the last few days, and I'm really busy at job (it's the end of the year, and we're going on vacation soon). Also, I had a car accident this week (I'm fine, but the car is quite damaged. It wasn't my fault, actually I was totally stopped, but I was impacted by another car and that made me hit another car). This weekend I'll be quite busy because we will be preparing "hallacas", our traditional Christmas food. But I'll write a couple of letters this weekend and mail them maybe on Wednesday or Friday. And I'm quite worried because my letters are taking a lot of time to get to my pals (some of the letters arrive soon, but some take a longer time, even if I send them the same day, but they finally arrive).

Sunday, December 2, 2012

4 things #6

Well, this week was a good one: I started reading a book (it isn't a new one, but one that I really like), today I bought something nice for my girlfriend (a nice Christmas gift with a good surprise, I hope to not scare her), I got a nice sticker for my car (it's a Ron Jon's Surf Shop sticker), and I got some nice ideas for my photo project (although I didn't take any picture of it yet).

This week I want to:

1.- Buy the ingredients for the "hallacas" (it's not a "want", it's a must).
2.- Find some nice postcards for my friends.
3.- Get my birthday gift (I know what I want, but I haven't found it yet).
4.- Help my girlfriend to choose a nice camera.