Friday, December 7, 2012

Here I am

I know I've not been around here these days, but a few things are happening right now: I haven't get any mail  in the last few days, and I'm really busy at job (it's the end of the year, and we're going on vacation soon). Also, I had a car accident this week (I'm fine, but the car is quite damaged. It wasn't my fault, actually I was totally stopped, but I was impacted by another car and that made me hit another car). This weekend I'll be quite busy because we will be preparing "hallacas", our traditional Christmas food. But I'll write a couple of letters this weekend and mail them maybe on Wednesday or Friday. And I'm quite worried because my letters are taking a lot of time to get to my pals (some of the letters arrive soon, but some take a longer time, even if I send them the same day, but they finally arrive).


  1. Wow, nunca había oído hablar de las hallacas! En China se hace una cosa similar con arroz! Es siempre curioso saber cómo celebran la Navidad los demás países :) Que pases un feliz Diciembre!


    1. Feliz diciembre Claudia !!! Cómo se llaman las cosas que hacen en China ? Saludos :)