Monday, October 22, 2012

New mail, mixed feelings

Today I got two letters from the USA, one from TheSnailMailer and another one from Postmuse. I really love getting new mail, it's exciting to arrive home and find some letters in the mailbox, but this time I have some mixed feelings about these letters: besides being happy for getting them, I'm kind of sad because I won't be able to reply to them until December 25th (remember this post). I don't like to make my friends wait for such a long time, even it isn't my fault. Well, I'll take my time to prepare some good letters for them, and mail them as soon as the service works again.

I almost forget to say that you should check Postmuse's project: Orphaned Postcard Project. She has LOTS of postcards, you choose those you would like to adopt, and she sends them to you in an envelope, you write anything you want on it, and send them back to her. Check the project here.

Today's mail


  1. So happy the mail arrived, Daniel! And no worries at all on the wait until you can respond. The anticipation is half the fun!

    Thank you also for mentioning Orphaned Postcard Project!

    1. It was great to find these letters today, a bunch of nice postcards :) I don't have many readers, but I just want more people to join your great project :)

  2. LOL glad you got it! Funny that the Pennsylvania ladies sent it. My best and happy mailing when you can!