Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Venezuelan postal service

Venezuelan postal service (IPOSTEL) is kind of slow, actually, it's very slow. Sometimes, letters take about 2 months to arrive from Europe or the USA (although a couple of months ago I got a letter from the USA 3 weeks after it was sent). And when I get a letter, it's usually a small batch: 2 or 3 letters. Also, we don't have mailboxes where we can drop our letters, instead we need to go to the postal office (there aren't many of them). Another difficult thing: buying stamps to have them at home; instead, you pay at the post office and they paste the stamps on the letters.

Compared to IPOSTEL, USPS (United States Postal Service) is really fast: last month I traveled to Florida, and I sent a postcard to a good friend in Switzerland, and he got it 6 days after I sent it !!! That was a  huge surprise for me.

I think it's sad for me, because I really enjoy writing to my pen pals, and sometimes they think that I don't reply quick enough, even when I reply as soon as I get the letters (I always reply within a week, counting from the time I get it). Well, now most of them know how slow is our postal service, so they're very patient when they send letters to me.


  1. :( So sad. Even if you send the letters by air they arrive so slow?

    1. Yes Ande, even if you send it that way is slow :( Once I tried to send it "certificate" (it's about 50% more expensive) to see if it was faster, but it was still very slow

    2. That is so bad :(. I hope that they will do something about it. Over here too, the post is used for some bills and that is mainly all (but now they introduced electronic bills, so no need of a postal service anymore).

    3. Here's the same, although electronic bills aren't so common in Venezuela yet (some private companies are introducing electronic bills, but most of government controlled companies still use paper bills)