Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How do I send my letters ?

In these few years with this hobby, I've received many letters in nice envelopes, beautiful paper and a lot of different colors inside, but I'm quite simple when it comes to the letters I write and send: I always use lined paper, most of the time I write with black or blue pen, and I always use white envelopes (basically because here in Venezuela is very hard, almost impossible, to find all of those nice papers that my friends find abroad).

But that will change soon !!! Today I went to a office supply store close to my job, and I found some nice envelopes (not those white envelopes I always use, these are colored) and I also bought some address labels. So my next letters will be a little bit different, I'm quite excited to use those new supplies !!!


  1. I know how you feel :) I am also pretty dull when it comes to letters, maybe I add a sticker or smth but usually I use a blue ball point pen and some white paper. I also found colored paper (normal ones without any other designs on it) and I used to write on that, but now I don't have any left :( Stationary with all of those design are no where to find in Romania.

    About envelopes, you can make some yourself :P If you are that crafty kind of person. It is really simple, all you need is some good paper (the wrapping paper goes too, but choose one that is ticker a bit) and you open a white envelope and trace its contour on the new paper,cut it, fold it, glue it (always use non liquid glue) and that's all :D

    1. I'm not a crafty guy, but I like to try new things, so I'll probably try that :) I've seen envelopes made with magazines covers (the thick ones), or with old thick calendars ... I'll look at home to see what I can find :) A couple of years ago I got a letter from the USA, and the envelope was made using a map, it looks pretty nice :)

    2. If you have a tourism info point, there are usually free city maps :D or nice flyers to send to your penpals :)

    3. Maybe in a touristic place I can find that :) But in Caracas is hard, I guess (I've never seen a touristic info point here)