Sunday, January 6, 2013

4 things #10

I'm back !!! It was a great week with my family at Cubiro, a small town in Lara State, here in Venezuela. I did everything I had planed: Ate a lot of good food (except goat), I took a lot of pictures (you can see a few here), had a great time with my family and I bought some nice handmade things (some for me, some for my girlfriend).

During the week I was away, I got I letter from the USA (I'll post about it later). I still don't know if I can send letters to America normally (I didn't have time to go to the post office, and I didn't get an answer yet to a mail that I sent to them).

So, this week I plan to:

1.- Write at least 2 letters.
2.- Get some new addresses on Postrcrossing and send the postcards.
3.- Update this blog more frequently.
4.- Keep updating my Flickr album.

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